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I need feminism because females students made up the majority of my 12th grade high school classes: math = 82%, chemistry = 77%, physics 80%, english = 82%. But we’re not even close to being equally represented in what we’re learning in school.
The # of pieces of literature we read with a female lead character: 1
The # of female authors we read: 2
The # of women in history we learned about in-depth (in the entire course): 1 (Margaret Thatcher)
# of women we learned about in the sciences and math: the textbooks made some attempt to occasionally mention females in sciences. HOWEVER, they were always placed to the side of the page, out of the main text. 
FEMALES made up the majority  of my classes. 
So why can’t we be equally represented in our own education? WE DESERVE BETTER! <3 
I went to a small school in a rural area in Canada,  so I know that my class stats may be different from others in city schools. However, this is still a problem in our education system! 

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Batman forever

Something is terribly wrong here…. Dogs get justice faster than a African Americans that get shot and killed for nothing. This shit makes me motherfucking sick!